Get started on your journey to becoming an accredited professional dance adjudicator!!

Our organization will give you the skills, tools and knowledge to succeed in the world of dance adjudication.


The Professional Adjudicator's Alliance sets the standards for competition judges.  You WILL become a better adjudicator following

the principles and methods we have established.


Take our introductory workshop, or attend our motivational seminars, and you'll be at the top of your game.



The P.A.A. proudly supports the only, globally recognized Acrobatic syllabus available. If you need any help to brush up some skills, or become versed in Acrobatics for future judging events, Acrobatic Arts has everything you need! 

The Professional Adjudicator's Alliance is recognized as having a very high standard of values and professionalism in the industry. We will hold our members to this level of standard at all times. If for any reason a member does not exhibit our level of values and professionalism they will be removed from the website permanently.

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